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The Private Lawyer is the oldest High Court. It has jurisdiction over the state of West Bengal and the Union Territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The High Court building was designed by Government Architect, on the model of the ‘Stadt-Haus’ or Cloth Hall at Ypres in Belgium.

Comprises the head of theMasters supervise the Court's preliminary processes in most civil proceedings, and have jurisdiction to deal with summary judgment applications, company liquidations, bankruptcy proceedings, and some other types of civil proceeding.

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The marrriage is in the past.It is crucial that clear thinking prevail over turmoil since the future must now be primary concern.This is so important that competent legal representation be retained immediately and prompt action taken.

Experienced Lawyer

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use of all legal devices available under law to ensure a fair and prompt.hey would assess how lawyers typically feel when interacting with their firms and fellow professionals. They’d also gauge how lawyers commonly react to the true culture of their firms and profession over time.

This kind of self-scrutiny would require a huge amount of openness and honesty on the parts of practitioners, firms and professional associations. But, there is precedent for this kind of candor. In order to ensure sustainability and curb attrition, organizations are taking steps to identify and reform arrogant and abusive executives. They’re also using executive coaching to cultivate effective leaders.

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